Beautiful Backwaters of Kerala

Cruising the backwaters of Kerala is something everyone visiting the area has to check off their list. Even if just for the day, which is what we were lucky enough to partake in.

The romantic and unique Backwaters of Kerala are made up of a labyrinth of canals and lakes that stretch between the capital Cochin and Quilon in the south. From the vastness of Lake Vembanad to the quiet streams just large enough for a canoe, the Backwaters form the arteries through which rural daily life calmly flows – children splashing in the water, women washing clothes at the water’s edge, fishermen up to their necks in water digging out fish with their feet, rice barges transporting coconuts and rice (the staples of the Kerala diet) and, above all, an overriding sense of peace and tranquillity that permeates every aspect  of  this  stunning  region.

While it was only a day trip, the boat was still a beautiful houseboat with a few rooms and bathrooms. The crew consisted of three men, switching off roles between captain of steering the boat, or helping cook the delicious and elaborate lunch we loved every bite of. Grilled fish from the river, bountiful fried rice with vegetables, samosas, coconut curry with potatoes.. The lunch was devoured.


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